Membership and Donation

All features of Bikewithme are made available to everyone at no cost. However, maintaining and improving our self-produced website incurs costs to our association. Our operational expenses include web server hosting, and fees of third-party services used on the website (e.g. maps, routing). Other costs include graphic design, software engineering, and marketing.

You can help us cover these costs by becoming a member of our association or by donating directly to Bikewithme.

Bikewithme Association Membership

We need motivated and committed new members to help us to grow Bikewithme and contribute to the development of the biking community around the world. Our yearly membership fee is 40 CHF or 35 EUR. The membership fee can be paid directly below. Please indicate « Bikewithme Association Membership fee » in the subject field of your payment. You can help with your feedback, suggestions, or by translating our website to make it more accessible in other countries.

Our vision is to have a transparent and sustainable nonprofit organization with a high degree of participation among our members. For this purpose, any member with an interest in steering the development of Bikewithme can become part of the Committee or the Board, according to our Articles. All members will be formally invited to assist and vote in our yearly General Assembly.

We offer you the chance to:

  • Be part of a nonprofit association
  • Influence the early stage development of a new global platform
  • Try out new features before their release to the general public
  • Be invited to selected biking events

Donate to Bikewithme

If you like the idea of Bikewithme you can help us to make it happen. Your donation will help Bikewithme stay a platform free of advertisement. We remain grateful for your donation.

Online donation