Conditions générales d'utilisation

Terms of Use

1. Description of Bikewithme and application of these Terms of Use

  1. By accessing the website of Bikewithme the user agrees to the following Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Bikewithme, legally registered as Bikewithme, Stüssihofstatt 14, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.
  2. Bikewithme is a free access and donation-based website to participate in guided bike rides. Users can create or participate in new guided rides.
  3. To sign up for an account, you need to be at least 13 years old.
  4. Bikewithme reserves the right to change these terms at any time. A notification about the changes will be sent to the user. If the user does not contradict the validity of the new terms within two months of notification, the user will be deemed to have accepted them.
  5. Swiss law applies to any disputes in connection with the relationship between Bikewithme and the users and to the fulfilment of these Terms of Use.

2. Donation system of Bikewithme

  1. Bikewithme is a free-access and donation-based website. Donations to Bikewithme can be made using PayPal online payment systems by any user or visitor of the webpage.
  2. After participating in a ride, users can also make split donations between the Guide and Bikewithme by choosing which percentage they would like to donate to the Guide and which one to Bikewithme. Bikewithme will transfer the Guide's part of the donation to him. The Guide takes the responsibility for the cost of the bank charges inherent to the payment.

3. Registration and termination

  1. Some features of Bikewithme such as creation of a new ride or registration to a ride are only accessible for registered and logged users.
  2. Bikewithme reserves the right to reject a registration without giving reasons.
  3. For the sign up process (registration), some obligatory information must be specified and is therefore referred to as "Mandatory Profile Data". Optionally, the user also has the ability to specify “Additional Profile Data”, such as “bike-philosophy” and gender. Please read our Privacy Policy so that you can understand how we collect, use and disclose the information that you provide us.
  4. If the registration process is not finished, Bikewithme is entitled to delete the incomplete registered account, including all information provided.
  5. Users can cancel their account at the profile page using the “delete account” button. You can also exercise your right of cancellation by emailing us. By terminating the agreement Bikewithme will delete all data related to the person. Please read our Privacy Policy so that you can understand how we treat your data after the deletion of your profile account.

4. Liability of Bikewithme

  1. Users take full responsibility for ensuring their personal safety and accept that they are solely responsible for all legal interactions with other users, excluding Bikewithme from any liability for any accident, damage or traffic fine that would result from participating in the guided-rides proposed in the Bikewithme website.
  2. Bikewithme expects users to carefully take into consideration their own skills and weather conditions when participating in a ride. The User is also aware that Bikewithme proposed rides might be cancelled for whatever reason.
  3. Bikewithme does not guarantee the secure use of the website. Accordingly, Bikewithme has no liability for any loss or damage arising from any technical limitation or permanent suspension of access to the Bikewithme website.
  4. Bikewithme is under no liability for any inaccuracy, error or defect in any content of the website.
  5. Bikewithme accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information provided by third parties.

5. Liability of the User


  1. The user is fully responsible for the legitimacy of all the content that they publish on the Bikewithme platform. As such, they agree not to publish any content that is unlawful, in particular any that is racist or pornographic, or violates third party rights, in particular copyrights. The user is obliged to omit any sexual comments or harassment of any other user.
  2. The user agrees to not use the Bikewithme website for commercial use. Bikewithme is a free platform and the user is not allowed to ask another user for a fee to join the rides.
  3. The user has to abstain from any actions that may affect the functionalities of Bikewithme.
  4. If the content uploaded on the Bikewithme platform by the user violates the law, Bikewithme is entitled to remove the content without notice and restrict the user from using the services of Bikewithme

Third parties

  1. The user grants Bikewithme the non-exclusive right to use the content uploaded on Bikewithme and to make it available to the public and to other users, including the right to make all necessary technical adjustments to the data.
  2. The user warrants that they own all necessary rights to the content placed by them on the web of Bikewithme. The user hereby agrees to indemnify Bikewithme against all the damages and costs resulting from any infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights.

Privacy Policy

Personal information does not need to be provided in order to visit Bikewithme. However, the participation or creation of the rides does require a Bikewithme account to be registered and, by doing so, you must provide us with personal information.

This Privacy Policy complements our Terms of Use and explains how Bikewithme collects, stores, uses and discloses your personal information. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the user declares their consent.

Bikewithme will collect and use your personal information under the provisions of the data protection law of the Swiss Federal Law for the following main reasons:
  1. To provide personalised services which are unique to individual users. For example the postal code and the country help the site to offer individualised search results with rides in the user's vicinity. Bikewithme uses postal code data from GeoNames to search rides.
  2. It helps us to constantly monitor and improve the services we offer.
  3. We may potentially market services to our users but only on the basis of explicit consent from them.
There is certain information that we collect automatically for statistical purposes as the result of your use of Bikewithme. This information includes:
  • The type of device, browser and operating system you use
  • The IP address of the device from which you access Bikewithme
  • The site that you visited immediately prior to visiting the website
  • The pages that you visit and specific actions that you take
Bikewithme endeavours to keep the user information private. However, we cannot fully guarantee the security of the user account information. Unauthorised entry or use, hardware or software failure, may compromise the security of user information at any time.

Bikewithme may update this Privacy Policy, and when we do so, we will notify you by posting an announcement on our service or sending you an email.

User data

The user data is divided into Profile data and Ride data.

1) Profile Data: Edition and Confidentiality

The Profile data comprises the registration data, the activity data and some optional profile data. The registration data is the obligatory information that must be specified during the sign-up process, such as:
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Username
  4. Personal e-mail address
  5. Password
  6. Country
  7. Postal code
After registration the user can modify all the Registration Data with the exception of the username and add some “Optional Profile Data”, such as a “biking philosophy”, a profile picture and gender. The latter information is equally editable.

Solely the username, picture profile, country, biking philosophy and gender are visible to the other users. The first name, last name and e-mail are private and will be exclusively used by Bikewithme to allow the user through the password retrieving system.

The personal e-mail address must be a PayPal-validated mail and it will be used to make effective the transfer of the donations. The postal code is private information and is used by Bikewithme to help to offer individualised search results with rides in the user's vicinity.

In their profile the user can also find their activity data, including information such the duration of their membership at Bikewithme, the list of the upcoming and past rides (classified as Cyclist or as Guide), their participation counter and their rating as a Guide.

None of this information is editable. The duration of the membership, the list of upcoming rides as Guides, the Guide rating, and the participation counter as Cyclist are visible to other users.

The user can create a Bikewithme account using their Facebook account. Bikewithme is not responsible for the Facebook Privacy Policy, so please make sure you read, understand and agree with the Facebook Privacy Policy.

2) Ride data: Edition and Confidentiality

The Ride data is the content provided by the user related to the rides and it comprises the information that the user must provide in order to create a new guided ride (“Mandatory Ride data”) and other optional information hereinafter referred to as “Optional Ride data”.

The “Mandatory Ride data” comprises information such as ride schedule, ride route, ride description, ride level, minimum and maximum number of participants and security rules. The user may choose also to add some optional ride data such as pictures of the ride and comments on a message board.

All the Ride data contents are made available to other users. The user can always edit the starting and finishing point, description and the rules/security. The entire Ride and its content can be deleted by cancelling the ride (as long as it is permitted by the dateline policy).

Termination of License Agreement

The user can delete at their account at any time in accordance with the Bikewithme agreement defined in our Terms of Use. All user data uploaded on the platform will be deleted irreversibly from Bikewithme. The Terms of Use includes provisions for the storage of content after the deletion of the account. Bikewithme can store the personal data and content of the user (especially text, photos) in response to a court order or other legal request.


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